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1,000 cars donated. Countless lives impacted.

Introducing Fix It Forward Ministry 1000 Car Campaign. A campaign to reach our goal of giving away our thousandth car within the next five years. We are fast approaching car number 500, so we have approximately 500 more cars to put in the hands of those most in need in our community by 2026.

The 1000 Car Campaign is not just our announcement of this audacious goal, but also a plan of how we are going to get there. In order to give away a thousand cars by 2026, we need to over double our throughput. This will require more  volunteers, increasing our workspace and money raised. To find more volunteers, we are actively approaching churches and schools such as our partnership with M-State, Moorhead High School Career Academy and Fargo Public Schools . By adding more Fix It Forward locations, we increase the space we have to store and repair cars. For fundraising, we are asking people to pledge to support us yearly for the next five years.

There are multiple ways you can help. Donate your time and become a volunteer and try your hand at fixing vehicles. Donate to the thousand car campaign by becoming a yearly donor. Your generosity will put the needed parts in the hands of our volunteers as they make the repairs. You can donate a vehicle that we can repair and re-donate. And finally, become a customer of Fix It Forward Auto Care.

Your support will ensure its success, which will in turn ensure the success of our Ministry and this important thousand car campaign. God's blessings.


Pledge your support of the 1,000 car campaign today!

From oil changes to a full vehicle tune up, your generous contribution will help us help those in need of reliable transportation. Thank you.

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Thank you so much to this Ministry for all you contribute to the community. You're appreciated and prayed for daily. May God continue to bless ya'll.

Tim G.